Who Is ADP’S Biggest Competitor?

Who is bigger ADP vs Paychex?

ADP has twice as many payroll and HR product plans as Paychex.

It has eight in total.

Four for businesses with 1-49 employees and four for larger businesses..

Who is the largest payroll company?

ADPADP is the largest and probably best-known payroll processing company in the United States. ADP offers services to companies ranging from small businesses of one or two employees all the way up to multi-national businesses exceeding 1,000 employees and more.

Is Paychex better than ADP?

Paychex compares to ADP in size and complexity, but they’ve built their business by focusing on improving payroll and accounting-related HR solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. They also offer enterprise-level solutions, if that’s what your company needs.

Who is the best payroll processing company?

The best payroll companies for small businesses 2021Gusto. : Best overall.Paychex. : Best for midsize businesses.ADP TotalSource. : Best PEO.OnPay. : Most affordable self-service.Square Payroll. : Best for contractor-only plans.

What is ADP worth?

ADP (company)TypePublic companyNet incomeUS$2.46 billion (FY June 30, 2020)Total assetsUS$39.17 billion (FY June 30, 2020)Total equityUS$5.750 billion (FY June 30, 2020)Number of employees~58,000 (FY June 30, 2020)11 more rows

How does ADP make money?

ADP’s payroll processing division, which manages paycheck processing, tax filing, and pension plans for its clients’ employees, is expected to contribute $9.83 billion to total revenue in 2020, making up 66% of ADP’s $14.95 billion estimate.

What is ADP’s market share?

11.8%Last year ADP led the pack with a 11.8% market share followed by Paycom, SAP, Ceridian and Intuit.

What companies use ADP?

Companies That Use ADP Payroll (Sample Data)Company NameWebsiteCountryDollar Thrifty Automotivedtag.comUnited StatesFerro Corporationferro.comUnited StatesGenesis HealthCaregenesishcc.comUnited StatesInfinera Corporationinfinera.comUnited States1 more row

Is paycom better than ADP?

ADP Workforce Now has 4730 reviews and a rating of 4.36 / 5 vs Paycom which has 559 reviews and a rating of 4.36 / 5.

Is Paychex a good company?

If you’re young and building up a resume Paychex is a great company to look at. If you are a seasoned professional looking to support a family you might find that the best positions are filled internally and not usually externally, and that the pay on lesser positions is not always competitive with other companies.

How much is Paychex per month?

Express Payroll costs $60 per month and $4.00 per user. Paychex Flex Select costs $90 per month and $5.00 per user. Paychex Flex Pro costs $150 per month and $3.65 per user.

How much does ADP cost per month?

On average, you will pay $160 with 10-15 employees. We were quoted $179.86 monthly for 11 employees for payroll and HR Plus; that is a $10 per employee fee in addition to payroll fees. (ADP charges a fee each time you run payroll.)