Quick Answer: What Happens If You Send A Snap To A Celebrity?

Who is the most famous person on Snapchat?

DJ Khaled.


DJ Khaled is the “King of Snapchat” so says Coca-Cola’s Senior VP for Content Emmanuel Seuge.

Ariana Grande.


Kim Kardashian.


Michelle Obama.


Chrissy Teigan.


Kylie Jenner.


Bella Thorne.


Gigi Hadid.

@itsgigihadid.More items…•.

Can you send a snap to a celebrity?

By following a few simple steps, you’ll be able to add your favorite celebrity as a friend on Snapchat. … Just search your favorite celebrity’s name, take a screenshot of their Snapcode, and open Snapchat. Once you’re in, tap the ghost icon, hit “Add Friends,” and use the screenshot you took. Voila.

Why can’t I send snaps to celebrities?

You just have to send the Snap to get credit for it. For this to work, you’ll need to rely on sending snaps to celebrities you’ve added to your account using their Snapcodes or their usernames. If you haven’t added any celebrities to your account yet, don’t stress.

What to do when you accidentally send a snap?

You can unsend snaps on snapchat by blocking the person, so if you accidentally sent someone the wrong snap, just block them.

What happens if you send a snap to yourself?

Sending yourself snaps can add points to your score without annoying all of your friends with over-abundant and unnecessary photos. Opening snaps from yourself does nothing for your score, unfortunately, but sending yourself a handful every day will see your score shooting up in no time.

Do celebrities see your snaps?

Some will open snaps from fans and surprise them, some, especially very famous celebrities, likely won’t. Some celebrities don’t actually run their social media, and it’s only used for publicity, in which case if their snaps were opened, it may have been someone else who saw it.