Quick Answer: Should Have Been Synonym?

What is a word for taking everything into account?

other words for take into account allow for.

bear in mind.



take into consideration..

Is should’ve a word?

should’ve | Intermediate English. contraction of should have: I should’ve known better.

What does ought mean in the Bible?

moral obligation: moral obligation : duty.

Is ought a formal word?

Ought to has the same meaning as the modal should, and it is used in the same ways, but ought to is less common and more formal than should. Modal verbs are verbs that are not conjugated. They are used to signal things like obligations, expectations, advice, and suggestions.

What is another word for inevitable?

SYNONYMS FOR inevitable 1 unavoidable, ineluctable.

What is the definition of could?

—used to say that someone is not thinking about or considering something.

What does should have mean?

Should have means that something did not happen, but we wish it had happened. We use should have to talk about past mistakes. A worried mother might say: “I was so worried about you. You should have called!”

What is the meaning of should in English?

modal verb. You use should when you are saying that something is probably the case or will probably happen in the way you are describing. If you say that something should have happened by a particular time, you mean that it will probably have happened by that time.

What does ought mean in Old English?

owned, possessedought (v.) Old English ahte “owned, possessed,” past tense of agan “to own, possess; owe” (see owe).

What does ought not mean?

◊ Ought is almost always followed by to and the infinitive form of a verb. The phrase ought to has the same meaning as should and is used in the same ways, but it is less common and somewhat more formal. The negative forms ought not and oughtn’t are often used without a following to. — used to indicate what is expected.

What is a synonym for impact?

SYNONYMS. effect, influence, impression, footprint. results, aftermath, consequences, repercussions, ramifications, reverberations.

What is another word for fated?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for fated, like: destined, predestined, ordained, condemned, doomed, fateful, foredoomed, lost, certain, law and religion.

What is another word for fate or destiny?

Frequently Asked Questions About fate Some common synonyms of fate are destiny, doom, lot, and portion. While all these words mean “a predetermined state or end,” fate implies an inevitable and usually an adverse outcome.

What is another word for also?

What is another word for also?andfurthermoremoreoverbesidesfurtherin additionlikewisepluswhat is moreafter that2 more rows

What another word for could?

What is another word for could?wouldcancould perhapscould potentiallymight possiblymight potentiallypotentially willmay potentiallycould possiblymay actually4 more rows

What take account means?

Take account of means to pay attention to someone or something, take notice of, *as well as to take into consideration. take into account means to take into consideration. They’re so close as to be fairly interchangeable, take into account usually allows a sentence to flow more smoothly.

What is another word for should have?

“Technically, if you’ve done everything the manual has instructed you to do, it should work.”…What is another word for should?mustneed toare obliged tohave an obligationhave got tohave no choice but tohave tobe duty-bound tohave a duty toought to15 more rows

What is another word for meant to be?

What is another word for meant to be?fateddestineddoomedforeordainedpredestinedpredeterminedpreordainedcertaininescapableinevitable2 more rows

Should be taken into account synonym?

Alternate Synonyms for “take into account”: allow; calculate; estimate; reckon; count on; figure; forecast.

Should have done something meaning?

should have (done something) DEFINITIONS1. 1. used for saying what was the right thing to do when you realize that someone did not do it.