Question: What Is Best Optional Resort Clothing?

Is Couples Tower Isle clothing optional?

Couples Tower Isle This couples-only resort in Ocho Rios features a clothing-optional private island and new spa villas with plunge pools and unlimited spa treatments..

What does it mean when a resort is adults only?

Adults-only designation is only meant to signify that a resort doesn’t allow children under a certain age. … Adults-only resorts have been known to turn away guests that don’t meet their minimum age requirement.

What is the difference between adults only and couples only resorts?

Couples-only resorts are the best option for honeymoons and elopements, as only adult couples are allowed. … Again, if you’re between the ages of 18 and 21, ask about the resort’s minimum check in age. These resorts focus on creating a romantic and luxurious experience for two people in love, and no singles are allowed.

Is secrets or sandals better?

It all depends if you are looking for a more laid back vacation, or a more action packed adventure. I highly recommend both all-inclusive resorts, but I would give a slight edge to Sandals for honeymooners, and a slight edge to Secrets for group trips.

Are Secrets Resorts for couples only?

Secrets Resorts & Spas: A Romantic Getaway The all-inclusive, adults-only romantic retreats offers Unlimited-Luxury® with world-class amenities, including limitless premium drinks, 24-hour room service, exquisite spas, gourmet dining options, endless daytime activities, and nightly live entertainment.

Are Secrets Resorts clothing optional?

Temptations’ website byline states: adults only + topless optional + all inclusive + sexy + fun. It also talks about “adults only oriented shows and games”. Secrets does NOT specifically cater to the “sexy” side of adult only; their focus tends to be more “romantic” and they’re a very popular choice with honeymooners.

What is optional clothing?

“Clothing optional” means you aren’t required to take off your clothes until you’re comfortable with the idea. “Nudist” means you are encouraged to be nude at all times, conditions permitting, so everyone is on a level field so to speak.

Why you should go to a nudist resort?

Nudist resorts ARE: The resorts are secluded, private, and don’t allow in the looky-loos because none of the guests would be comfortable otherwise. Upscale – most are gorgeous resorts set on beautiful tropical beach locations, offer gourmet cuisine and world-class spas, along with a truly luxurious experience.

Is Secrets St Martin clothing optional?

Martin a clothing-optional resort? Secrets St. Martin is not a clothing-optional resort. And although you can’t walk around nude outside of your suite at the resort, it is important to note that the beaches on the French side of St.

What is a lifestyle resort?

Similar to a boutique or a luxury hotel, a Lifestyle Hotel is not a ‘proper hotel category’ but can be defined through specific characteristics. … The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA), gives the following definition: ‘Lifestyle hotels are the next generation of boutique hotels.

What’s a pleasure resort?

The Grand Sens Cancun, dubbed “The Pleasure Resort,” is only open to adults age 21 or over, due, in part, to having a topless pool, burlesque shows and “spicy entertainment” on twice-weekly pirate boat cruises. …

Which is better secrets or Excellence Resorts?

What we liked about the Excellence hotel over Secrets was the pool area. Secrets has 1 main pool and an infinity pool. … Excellence hotels have a much nicer pool set up with lazy rivers and we found the grounds prettier. There are also more restaurants at the Excellence resorts.