Is Smithers In Love With Mr Burns?

Is Marge in love with Lenny?

As far as we can possible know, no.

Marge, while she has had wobbles, is incredibly loyal to Homer and while she is extremely fond of Lenny, there is no indication is has ever gone beyond fondness..

Who does Mr Burns represent?

Burns is known for being the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Burns is Springfield’s richest, oldest, and most powerful citizen. His net worth has been stated to be in the billions and in one instance was pegged at exactly $1,800,037,022.

Does Flanders wife die?

They had two children together; the sheltered and naive Rod and Todd Flanders. In the eleventh season episode “Alone Again, Natura-Diddily”, Maude died an untimely death in a freak accident involving a T-shirt cannon, leaving Flanders alone and grieving.

Does Lisa Like Milhouse?

Milhouse harbors a crush on Lisa, but they remain close friends, as shown in “Lisa’s Date with Density”, when she admits she liked Nelson. … In the episode “Holidays of Future Passed” (2011), set in the year 2041, Lisa and Milhouse are married and have a daughter, Zia.

What does Mr Burns weigh?

85 lbsCharles Montgomery BurnsMr. BurnsAliasAge104Height5’10 ft.Weight85 lbs11 more rows

Is Mr Burns evil?

When it comes to villains, Charles Montgomery Burns is as evil as they come. He’s kidnapped puppies, stolen Christmas, run over Bart Simpson and much more. Despite his flaws, he is still a lonely and frail old man. As evil as he can be, even Mr.

Is Mr Burns dead?

AliveMr. Burns/StatusIn “Homer the Smithers”, it is revealed that Mr. Burns’ mother is still alive at the age of 122 years, although Mr. Burns dislikes speaking to her, because she had an affair with President William Howard Taft and she refers to him as an “improvident lackwit”.

How old is Mr Burns 2020?

Burns is 81 years old, but in later episodes like “Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One)”, “Homer the Smithers”, and “A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love”, he was mentioned to be 104 years old.

Who does Carl date in Shameless?

Season 9. Kassidi is killed by his cadet but he fell in love with a girl name Kelly.

Are Lenny and Carl Brothers?

At one point, when a fire was about to hit the flammable district during Springfield’s massive fire, Lenny mentioned that their mother was working there, suggesting they were half-siblings. Carl and Lenny both have the long-form of their first name as their surnames: Carlson and Leonard.

Do Smithers and Burns get together?

Sadly, the relationship doesn’t last. After 27 years of unrequited love, Smithers still can’t quite move on from Mr. … Burns – after the two share a hug – still lamenting his single status though he later discusses his love for ‘the thrill of the chase. ‘

Does Smithers have a crush on Mr Burns?

Smithers confronts John As a (not very well) closeted gay man, Smithers has had a crush on Burns for as long as he has worked for him, but Burns is almost always oblivious. Smithers was once married to a woman, but it fell apart when she wanted to have sex with him, and also referred to Mr. Burns as “awful”.

Is Lenny in love with Carl?

There are lots of instances of Lenny’s love for Carl, but in comparison to, say, Smithers they are not nearly as strongly hinted at as being homosexual – I see it more as unusually close friendship.

Who is the voice of Mr Burns?

Harry ShearerThe SimpsonsMr. Burns/Voiced by

How is Mr Burns so rich?

Mr. Burns has recently owned the Springfield Celtics, later called the Springfield Excitement. Unfortunately, It was torn up by fierce mutated bees from Africa. He won this fortune by winning against a Texan billionaire at a poker game after he bet his basketball team on winning.