Is It Worth It To Buy Kpop Albums?

What are the best Kpop albums to buy?

Best Sellers in Korean Pop#1.

Map Of The Soul: 7.

NCT – The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.

2… …

BTS 1st Mini Album [O.

RUL8,2?] …

GO LIVE : Volume 1 (NORMAL VERSION) Stray Kids.

BTS 1st Album [DARK & WILD] CD + PhotoCard… BTS.



NCT – The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.

2 [Arrival… …

NCT – Resonance Pt.More items….

Which BTS ERA is the best?

TOP 10 BTS ERAS10. “ BOY IN LUV”MIC DROP (Steve Aoki Remix) Feat. Desiigner.8. “ AIRPLANE, PT. 2” — JAPANESE VERSION.7. “ FIRE”BOY WITH LUV, feat. Halsey.5. “ WAR OF HORMONE”FAKE LOVE.3. “ RUN”More items…•

Where can I buy BTS autographed albums?

Up until a few years ago, authentic signed BTS albums were sold through Mwave, which is probably the most reliable place you can buy signed albums from any kpop group through because Mwave works directly in collaboration with the artists.

Is BTS merch cheap in Korea?

There are definitely a lot more options in the stores in Korea though. There are a ton of super cheap unofficial merchandise in kpop stores. T-shirts, stickers, calendars, posters, pretty much anything you want, they have it and it’s dirt cheap. They’re everywhere, Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, you name it.

Which Kpop group has the most albums?

BTSBTS is the act with the most million selling albums, having eight, followed by Kim Gun-mo and Seo Taiji, who both have six, followed by Exo with five.

Why do kpop fans buy albums?

Lottery-style marketing strategies that spur fans to buy hundreds of albums to improve their chances of winning tickets to band meet-and-greets are also contributing to an increasing number of K-pop albums passing the million sales mark. EXO has released five albums since 2013 that have sold over 1 million copies each.

Is it cheaper to buy Kpop albums in Korea?

K-Pop albums are usually cheaper in Korea because there are no shipping fees, but there’s a store that takes this to the next level. … Albums from BTS were also sold at a discounted price, even if they were relatively newer releases.

Why are BTS albums so expensive?

At this time, the BE album has only 1 version which is the deluxe version. The deluxe version is more expensive than a standard version because it has more things in it. Usually in the standard version you get 1 random photocards but in the deluxe version this time, you get 8 photocards in total as well as 2 books.

Why are KPop Photocards so expensive?

BTS photocards have so much demand that sellers can get away with pricing the PCs for a lot. Makes sense the bigger the fandom, the more rich collectors there are. ATEEZ pcs are getting quite expensive as well since older albums are going out of stock and they have rarer preorder only pcs.

Why do people buy albums?

Those kinds of albums are mainly for promoting or only for the company to have it before launching the actual album. Sometimes in a few fan meetings, the company gives them a way to fans, although they’re not for sale. It is most common in debut albums. It helps with charts.

What is the most expensive BTS merch?

These Are The Top 20 Most Expensive Pieces Of BTS Merch You Can Buy… If You’re Rich AFBTS CeCi PC J-Hope Photo Card: $1,045.BTS Dark & Wild Jimin Cheki Autographed Polaroid from Japan: $1,025.BTS J-Hope Hip Hop Monster Plush Doll: $1,000.BTS All Member Signed O! … 5 All-Member Signed BTS Albums: $1,000.More items…•

Where can I buy real KPop albums?

Best K-pop stores onlineWhere to buy Kpop Albums & Goods Online?Yesasia.Kpopshop.Ktown4u.Mwave.Customon.KPop Merchandise Online.Kpopmart.More items…•

How much do Lightsticks cost in Korea?

But they won’t come cheap. Most official lightsticks retail for between $40 and 60.

Is it worth buying a BTS album?

It’s nothing really special. BTS albums are beautiful and fun to collect but the concept photos are online and you can listen to the music online. I mostly bought the album for the little goodies like Photocards, stickers, postcards, etc. I’d say it’s worth it if you like collecting all things BTS.

What BTS albums should I buy?

LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’ EP | Released on: 18/9/2017.MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA. EP | Released on: 12/4/2019. … The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. EP | Released: 29/4/2015. … Wings. Album | Released on: 10/10/2016. … LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ … 2 Cool 4 Skool. … Skool Luv Affair. … The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. … More items…•

Which BTS album sold the most?

Map of the Soul: 7BTS have yet again smashed the Guinness World Records title for the best-selling album (South Korea) with their latest release Map of the Soul: 7. The boy band’s seventh studio album was released back in February and overtakes their previous album Map of the Soul: Persona as the new record holder.

Are KPop albums a waste of money?

Not a waste at all! Some people prefer to just download their music, but many others choose to buy albums for several reasons (and this doesn’t just apply to K-pop, but all music in general): Supports the artist. Buying albums show a direct way to support the artist, especially K-pop groups.

Why is bt21 so expensive?

With BTS’s popularity, merchs are expensive. For one, because when there is the supply there will be demand. But they wouldn’t sell their products as if it is unlimited. … But honestly speaking BTS’s merchandise or offical products (BT21 products) are still quite affordable compared to other groups’ merchandise.

Which Kpop group has the best discography?

For the past 18 months give or take, the top spot has alternated between BTS and Wanna One. EXO has also been in 1st place. Big Bang is consistently in the top 10 even though 4 of the 5 members are doing their military service.

What BTS album should I buy first?

Try thinking along those questions to narrow down which albums are you willing to spend your money on. If you are a newer fan, you can even have a go and buy the album of your first comeback with BTS. If you have a larger budget or have this urge to collect the albums in general, I would say, go for it.

How much are KPOP albums?

I usually buy online and they usually cost between $20-$25 per album.